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Escuadradoras Martin T72A en venta (usado)

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Categoría: Escuadradoras
Modelo: T72A
Condición: Usado

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Precios de Martin T72A vendidos anteriormente

  • T-72A (PS-011 617) (Sierras para el posterior proceso de madera maciza, compuestos de madera y plástico - Otros)
    • Precio fijo

    Martin T72A

    Estados Unidos

    Año de hacer: 1998

    16.750 € $ 17.854 £ 14.472
  • Escuadradora (PROGRAMABLE)
    • Precio fijo

    Martin T72A

    Año de hacer: 1998

    16.750 € $ 17.854 £ 14.472

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    Martin T75

    Alemania | Egenhofen

    Type: T75 hand machine height and tilt adjustment wheel Carriage length: 2600mm cutting width: 1050mm 3 speeds motor power: 4.5 kW Year: Location: Stock / 82281 Herrnzell

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    Martin T 60CLASSIC

    Alemania | Willingshausen

    Año de hacer: 2007

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    Classic circular saws with a massive basic body for saw blades up to 400 mm. The rotation speed can be adjusted via the V-belt up to 3 grades. High-quality machine table with digital display. We''ve put the machines in business. We couldn''t discover any malfunctions or errors which were to restrict the machine''s function.

  • Escuadradora MARTIN T 72
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    Martin T 72

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    Serial No.: V 22496, main saw 5,5 kW, scoring saw aggregate 0,75 kW, saw blade speeds 2800, 4000, 5500 rpm, saw carriage length 3300 mm, cutting width 830 mm, height- and tilt adjustment manual, swivel range 0° - 45°, special feature: big supporting table at saw carriage, dimensions: 1310 x 1660 mm, integrated parallel stop, further details see photos

  • FELDER K915 Panel Saw
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    Felder K915

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    FELDER K915 Panel Saw - slide length: 2800 mm - cutting width: 835 mm - blade can be pivoted for 45° (manual adjustment) - blade diameter: max. 315 mm - cutting height: max. 104 mm - electric vertical adjustment - with digital display on angular stop - total drive power: 5.5 kW - for further details see photos

  • vio Holz-Her-Vertical
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    HOLZ-HER 1230

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    Type: KFS40 hand machine height and tilt adjustment handwheel scorer Carriage length: 3000mm cutting width: 1050mm 4 speeds motor power: 7.5kW motor brake automatically: 1993 Location: stock / 82281 Herrnzell

  • 10.990 € $ 11.714 £ 9.496

    Spedition plates cutting saw HOLZ - HER 1265 sale to businesses only panel saw Panel Saw Sliding Table Saw Manufacturer: HOLZ-HER or HolzHer Type 1265 Fabr No 7106 / 0-004 Year 2000 saw area 5400 x 2100 mm saw blade diameter 220 mm Saw blade speed about 4750 r / min... 3 kW power supply 400 volts, 50 Hz - saw unit pivotally for longitudinal and cross-sections - suction hose on cutting head - flip stop footprint L x W x H 6200 x 1100 x 2850 mm Weight 1200 kg Sizing saw is ready for use in very good condition and immediately , It is a circular saw as METABO, STRIEBIG or GMC. Buy freely loaded onto a truck. A suitable extraction system is available but not in the purchase price. If interested, just call. Internal storage no. M56788 purchase, please contact us after the auction to your eBay specified email address an e-mail to initiate the purchase. Please tell us your billing and shipping address. Please note that a sale only to retailers and not made to individuals. Of course, you can pi